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We are experienced. Sports Photography is what we do.

J Style Photography wants to make photo day hassles a thing of the past. We’ll bring experienced photographers to work with your players, coaches, and a friendly, efficient staff to handle parent questions.

Put an end to scheduling hassles. 

J Style Photography also understands the value of time. We can create a schedule for your teams, or we have the option of online scheduling so your teams can select their own photo Day time slot.

We also have the ability to photograph individually and add them to the group image so there are no long waiting time for the big group photo. 

We are a family -owned and operated 

J Style Photography isn’t a big box company owned by an  internet giant. We are a family-owned business with a history of involvement in the community. We donate a portion of every sale back to your league. In addition, we offer special fundraiser products where all of the profits from those orders go right back to your league to help with equipment, scholarships and more. 

                                     Professional Photography for sports teams and leagues

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                                                            701-446-8009 | www.jstylephotography.com